Your individual solution

"Although a transformer is at first glance not a particularly complicated product, the special features lie in the detail. We consider each new product individually and want no less than to achieve the optimum solutions for our customers' fields of application. That has been the basis for our success for many years. Entirely in keeping with the motto: Consistently efficient transformer construction."

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You can rely on these statements

  1. Very good price/performance ratio through optimised use of materials on the basis of four decades of research and experience with no loss of quality in the performance

  2. With us, you have one contact for the entire project period
  3. Complaint quota well under 1%
  4. Almost stand-alone quality in the service lives of our transformers, which run and run and run up to 30 years and more
  5. Extremely fast reaction times – your enquiries will be handled within 24 hours
  6. Our transformers are 100% Made in Germany
  7. We distribute in over 60 countries worldwide
  8. We manufacture single items as well as small and large series
  9. Our transformers are manufactured entirely without welding

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