• single plate stack lamination,
  • vacuum impregnated,
  • resin impregnated class F,
  • not welded,
  • low power losses,
  • max. ambient temperature 40°C,
  • insulation class E,
  • portection system IP 00,
  • frequency 50- 60 Cy,
  • screw according to VBG 4 and VDE 106
  • “finger security”,
  • separated winding and screening winding,
  • secondary with fuse possible,
  • Smoothing capacitor,
  • residual ripple voltage < 5%,
  • Voltages on customer`s request

Designs of Product


In addition to all possible designs:


Technical data / Dimensions in mm

TypePower (VA)Current (A)Order No.abcdefTotal Weight (kg)
EN 25251040-001-000066728050415x90,8
EN 40401,5040-001-000066848050535x91,1
EN 63632,0040-002-000084809064475x91,4
EN 80803,15040-003-000084859564475x91,6
EN 1001004,0040-004-0000841009564615x92,1
EN 1601605,0040-005-0000969511284716x113,0
EN 2002006,3040-006-0000969511284716x113,1
EN 2502508,0040-007-00009613411284846x113,8
EN 40040010,0040-008-000012012713090816x115,3
EN 50050015,0040-009-0000120147130901016x117,4

The company reserves the right to alter specifications without prior notice.