Sales and delivery conditions

With the exception of the following changes to the General Terms of Delivery for Products and Services of the Electrical Industry ("the so-called Green Conditions") apply. Other conditions, in particular pre-printed purchase conditions are only valid when you are writing accepted by us.

1. Rates

Unless otherwise agreed, the prices are quoted in Euro ex works, excluding packaging, freight, customs, VAT and insurance. With copper prices higher than 1.55 euros / kg DEL notice on the day of receipt of orders (Press-listing) of trading one of the weight difference and the use of appropriate copper supplement (CU) is levied. The introduction of an iron supplement (FE) due to unforeseen cost increases in the steel sector (electrical sheets, fittings, housing), we reserve the right to.

2. Payment

Payments should be made within 14 days from invoice date with 2% discount or within 30 days. And charge exchange are only accepted by special arrangement. We reserve the right to require security or payment in advance. If that does not comply, we may refuse the delivery. The buyer will not be relieved of his duty of acceptance.

If payment deadline will be charged from the due date, subject to the claim for further damage caused by delay, the normal bank loan costs as interest.

If the customer defaults on a payment is a move to protest, he shall make of lading or other sources of debt collection action brought against him, then all, including those not due bills, due for immediate payment.

An unknown buyer in Germany, we supply only against advance payment or cash. After the delivery is to an unknown foreign buyer only against irrevocable letter of credit or advance payment of the bill.

With each payment, please make sure the number of our invoice.

3. Banks

Payments shall be paid into the following banks:

VR-Bank Asperg-Markgröningen eG
IBAN: DE 87 6046 2808 0001 741012

Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg
IBAN: DE 11 6045 0050 0009 010761

4. Packaging

The packaging is always charged at cost. Euro pallets and mesh are exchanged, because otherwise we charge extra.

5. Shipping

The shipment is at our discretion, usually by parcel post or as cargo, unless another agreement is made. The delivery always takes place at the expense and risk.

6. Warranty obligation

Complaints can be taken only 8 days after receipt of the shipment.

Custom, which reject in the electrical design or the design of the devices on a list that can not be withdrawn.

We provide warranty for a period of 2 years in the direct purchasers, and in a way that we all deficiencies detected in materials, design or have a job for the cause of failure to fix for free, but only if the damaged equipment submitted for testing will.

Any further liability, particularly as regards damages, we expressly disclaim.

Returns, credit repair

Goods may only be made with our consent. Issuing a credit note is not possible with a value of less than 25,00 Euros for cost reasons. For the necessary testing and repackaging of goods, we have to withhold 20% of the value of at least 25.00 euros. Customized special models can not be returned.

Repairs are carried out only in their own transformers and equipment. Transformers in the new value at 50.00 euros can not be repaired except for terminal fracture. They are replaced by new supply. For transformers from 50.00 euros, we can also make a new delivery, if sent in the transformer by its bonding in vacuum-watering equipment can not be resolved, which we will inform you immediately.

Take the return for credit repair and free in front of the house.

7. Performance

Place of delivery and payment is Oberriexingen, jurisdiction for both parties is Vaihingen / Enz.

8. Delivery

Delivery times are given in good faith discretion. They are non-binding.

Shortages of raw materials, equipment failure and other unforeseen deficiencies release us from providing temporary or permanent.

From the statement of delivery delay effects can not be justified.

9. Illustrations, drawings, changes

Illustrations, dimensions and weights are non-binding. Technical changes and improvements to our products, we reserve the right to.

10. Retention of title

The delivered goods remain until all claims entitled to our property. In connection with obtaining other divisors, we co-ownership of the new object in proportion to the value of our parts to the other parts.

Decisive for the jobs accepted by us alone, our sales and delivery conditions. Other conditions, in particular pre-printed purchase terms, are only valid if they are acknowledged in writing by us.

11. Final Determination

If any provision of these Conditions be or become invalid, then thereby the validity of the remaining provisions of these terms is not affected. In place of the ineffective provision will enter a legally admissible provision which comes with the spirit and purpose of the invalid provision as closely as possible.

Ordering information

For a fast order processing and manufacturing we need the following information

  1. Type designation
  2. Power rating, or alternatively the nominal current
  3. Unit
  4. Input voltage
  5. Output voltage
  6. Connection group of three- phase unit
  7. Design of product
  8. Protection type
  9. Requested delivery
  10. Dispatch (supply, UPS, freight forwarding, ect.)

Standard version

  • Stock program power supply unit single phase 230V+-5% – 24V DC, 400V+-5% - 24V DC
  • Stock program power supply unit three phase 3 x 400V+-5% - 24V DC
  • Stock program switching power supply unit single phase 85- 264V - 24V DC
  • Special voltage available on request

Additional version

  • multiple tapings for power supply unit on request
  • additional windings for power supply on request
  • special voltage and power rating on request
  • fuse for power supply on request
  • for clipping on norm rail, single power supply unit to 250 VA
  • Tropical insulation
  • Temperature switch 90° or 120°C
  • Installation higher IP23 possible
  • Special designs to customer specifcation

Copper surcharge

The net price is based on the calculation of copper 155,00 EUR per 100 kg. In addition a copper surcharge billed on a daily basis. The base for this copper surcharge is the 2nd stage of the DEL bill quotation.